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Magic Evan

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Hello, friends! Here's a fun and easy magic trick that you can do to fool your friends and family at home. In a couple of minutes, everyone will be thinking you know how to do real magic!

P.S. This trick is so good, it will actually fool grown-ups. Just make sure you practice and, most importantly, have fun!

What It Will Look Like First, look at the 2 rainbows below. One is really small and one is really big, right? After you print the rainbows and cut them out, you'll be able to say the secret magic words ("Abracadabra!"), and they'll begin to shrink, grow, and even become the same size!


The Secret

The Rainbow Illusion works because it is an optical illusion.

An optical illusion is an image that looks different than it really is. Although the rainbows appear to be different sizes, they are, in reality, exactly the same size!

I know.. I know... they really do look different, don't they? Well, let's see...

First, have an adult help you print and cut out the rainbows.

When the rainbows are cut out, you can start coloring them in. Make sure you do a really good job.

Then, to make a rainbow look like it's smaller, simply place it above the other rainbow. To make a rainbow appear larger, place it below the other rainbow. When you place the rainbows on top of each other, you can show the audience that they're the same size!

And of course, before you make the magic happen, remember to say the magic words!


Magic Evan

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Evan Paquette, a.k.a. "Magic Evan," is a professional magician who specializes in customizing incredible magic shows for kids and families across New York